Our Recent Work

Since our inception in February 2017 we have sterilised & vaccinated hundreds of animals across temples and local communities in Nakhon Nayok. We also rescue and rehabilitate street dogs, and have found new forever homes for many of these precious animals...

Lady's Physio Session @ Kasetsart

Last week Lady went to Kasetsart Animal Hospital in Bangkok for her weekly physiotherapy session, only this time she made a breakthrough and started using her left hind leg by herself!! 

Sumlee's Road To Recovery Video

This is Sumlee...a 6-month-old puppy from Thailand. Sumlee was shot by a farmer and is now paralysed from the waist down, please watch this video to see Sumlee's road to recovery & how Bon Jardin - Dog Rescue have taken him, nursed him through the traumatic events and even built him a wheelchair so he can get around.

Bon Jardin

Our pioneering new approach to Dog Rescue in Thailand will aim to combine four key elements:

1. Spay & Neuter + Rabies vaccination

2. Rescue & Rehabilitation

3. Training

4. Education & Community Awareness

As a charity, our focus is to forge a real, sustainable change for street dogs in our area and to see an end to their needless suffering.

Located in central Thailand in Nakhon Nayok (less than 2 hours from Bangkok), we are establishing a new dog rescue operation in a dedicated area of our farm.

I Paw Dogs

Bon Jardin Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation

We need your help to give the street dogs of Thailand a better life