Bon Jardin is a Dog Rescue charity located on the outskirts of the central province of Nakhon Nayok, 2 hours north of Bangkok.

Street dogs in Thailand and their suffering is a massive issue which we aim to alleviate through our rescue, spay & neuter, medical and extended rehabilitation work.  

Our Core Values

  • We believe that the most effective way to control dog overpopulation in Thailand is spay and neuter.
  • We believe that all dogs should have access to proper medical care.
  • We believe that all dogs should have food, shelter and loving care.
  • We believe that ultimately, education is the most effective long-term solution to achieving our goals and objectives.
  • We believe in transparency. We pledge to publish annual audited financial statements within 120 days after year end.

The Team

In 2009 Lord Palumbo and Khun Pim purchased a 50-acre farm in Nakhon Nayok for the Pajit family to live and work.  Shortly after the Pajit family started providing food, shelter and medical care to local stray dogs who came to the farm and now Bon Jardin is home to over 20 dogs.

Khun Pim grew up in Thailand and has lived in the UK for the last 20 years. For as long as she can remember her passion has been animals, her love for dogs in particular sparked the ambition to open a Dog Rescue Centre. Her simple and wonderful goal is for all dogs to be happy. 

Lord Palumbo and Khun Pim have dedicated this project in loving memory of Bonnie.

Mike Dower has been working with Lord Palumbo for over 10 years and has an unrelenting love of our canine friends. This took on new meaning when he adopted a street dog from Koh Phangan a year ago and gained some insight into the problems Thailand faces with its ever-growing dog population.

Over the past year, Mike has devoted a significant amount of his spare time to doing on-the-ground research, including visiting and speaking with dog charities and experts in Thailand and overseas, in an effort to understand the issues and potential solutions.   Mike has recently joined the team full time and has been busy developing the project and continuing his research. Mike relocated from the UK to Nakhon Nayok in February 2017 to oversee development and help manage operations, he believes that maintaining an open mind is key to any successful solution.

Khun Witchuda is a lifelong resident of Thailand. Khun Witchuda has resided at Bon Jardin since inception and has been responsible for the rescue and care of all its canine residents to date. She will continue in the role of Shelter Manager as our project expands and grows.

John has been involved in training dogs professionally since 1980 and has lectured on dog behaviour and training to many organisations involved with dogs in more than 20 countries of the world and across 4 continents.  John is the founder of Support Dogs and Dog Aid, both charities which are involved in training dogs for people with physical disabilities.  He has also been instrumental in getting dog behaviour and training incorporated into many animal charities worldwide and has been involved in many projects for the Dogs Trust, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, the Blue Cross and the National Animal Welfare Trust in the UK.

Tom has been involved with Bon Jardin Dog Rescue since it's inception. They are both local residents of Nakhon Nayok and have excellent first-hand knowledge of the issues and problems the Street Dogs in our area are up against, making him a very useful member of the team. Tom also undertakes some dog training with our dogs and helps to prepare them for rehoming and adoption. 

Candice’s interest in permaculture was sparked 4 years ago whilst travelling through South East Asia – the simple & effective permaculture design principles created a lasting impression. This method of honouring nature’s intended systems, inspired Candice to seek a lifestyle to implement this practice.

Raised in South Africa, Candice met Mike (Project & Dog Shelter Manager) whilst living in London where she attended University and immersed herself in the Arts & Music of London. However, the longing for a more natural existence remained.

The opportunity to be part of the team at Bon Jardin; to produce food in abundance for all involved, impart knowledge with the local community & to ‘re-wild’ the dog sanctuary, is a dream coming to fruition.

Dilly Williamson is a Dog Trainer and Behaviourist living in London with over 40 years experience in various types of dog training/behaviours.

She is very passionate about animal welfare and has been instrumental in helping and advising Bon Jardin on all things dog related. 

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