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These two huskies joined us from SNIP Clinic in Bangkok on March 18th 2017. Alice and Tiara’s story is quite shocking and sad - they were rescued by the team from SNIP Clinic in Bangkok after being horribly mistreated and abused for over a year.

Locked away in a tiny cage and given only just enough food and water to survive, they were little more than skeletons and had lost all of their beautiful fur, developed skin aggravations as well as digestive issues.

The SNIP team spent 3 months bringing them back to life and treating their multiple health problems before asking us to get involved.

Through fostering, continuing with their recovery - they are ready to fly to Canada for adoption, to a climate to which they are better suited. It is unthinkable what they went through, both girls have a wonderfully playful disposition and are a constant source of high energy and joy on the farm.

They have come on leaps and bounds since joining us at Bon Jardin and their beautiful coats have returned to their full glory. They are trained to walk on the lead and love to be outdoors. We honestly cannot wait to see them adopted and begin their new, happy lives in Canada.

Update - September 2017

Alice and Tiara have both now been found loving forever homes to go to in Toronto, Canada! Dominique Rouselle from Canada's Humaine Society has been working hard to find an adopter for these two beauties and his hard work has paid off... they will be leaving for their new homes by October this year.

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