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Buddy joined us in March 2017; wounded and frightened, he had been dumped at a temple near Kao Yai National Park. Buddy had painful open bite wounds to the shoulder blades, infected eyes and was limping badly.

I spent an hour with him, patiently gaining his trust before I was able to load him in to the truck and take him to our local vets. Buddy's wounds were cleaned and we could tell he had been attacked numerous times by other dogs. He was put on a big course of antibiotics and brought back to Bon Jardin to be cared for.

Buddy has been recovering with us since then and has made great progress. The first few weeks were tough as his wounds needed twice-daily cleaning and dressing which was terribly uncomfortable for him but he showed a gentle nature through it all.

Now, 8 weeks later, Buddy is back walking on all 4 legs again and has integrated well with the other dogs. Due to his age, he will probably stay with us for the foreseeable future, returning him to the temple would risk further attacks and given how loyal he is, we are happy to have such a presence on the farm.

Bon Jardin

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