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What started as a litter of 7 puppies, dumped beneath a banana tree without their mother, rapidly decreased to a litter of 3. Too close to the road and no one to take care of them, we decided to bring them in.

On arrival, riddled with worms, fleas, ticks and malnourishment, we immediately began care. After a couple of weeks of loving attention and some basic education, they were back to full health and running around like normal pups.

They are now 4 months old and have just finished a full month of house & obedience training, having also completed their vaccinations we’re putting them up for adoption and looking to find them new, loving homes.They make us laugh on a daily basis and are full of the joys of life - they would be a fantastic contribution to any household.

Update - September 2017

The puppies are getting big! All three of the adorable pups are doing extremely well and have adapted fully to life on the farm. However we're always looking for new, loving homes for them to go to so if you think you could get involved and adopt one (or more) of them please contact 

Bon Jardin

Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation

We need your help to give the street dogs of Thailand a better life.