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This lovely old boy was rescued from the street outside a local convenience store.

We spotted him with an extremely painful infected open wound on his front paw which was crawling with maggots and puss. He was wandering the streets and obviously suffering terrible pain.

Junior is super friendly and most probably was owned and abandoned. It’s always shocking how people can leave an animal in distress like this as he was obviously suffering terrible pain and unable to put any weight on his infected foot. He also has skin disease, mange and blood parasites which needed urgent treatment.

Junior has now received the much-needed treatment on his paw and medicine for his skin disease and other conditions, he will stay with us at Bon Jardin for daily wound cleaning and follow-ups with the vet until he is fully recovered.


Junior has now made a full recovery; his foot is much better and his skin disease is also responding well to medication. Junior has made a big impression on us all at Bon Jardin so will be staying with us as one of our resident rescue-dogs for the foreseeable future. We also have a give a HUGE shout-out and thanks to his new sponsor, Fran from The Hideaway in London who is very generously donating towards Junior on a monthly basis - THANK YOU FRAN... you're amazing! :0)

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