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It’s heart breaking to see a perfectly healthy, happy dog’s life change in a split second by a senseless act. Sumlee, the most recent addition to our Dog Rescue Centre was shot by a local farmer in a small Thai village. The bullet entered his spine and he was instantly paralysed from the waist down and clearly in a lot of distress.

Mike from our rescue team was alerted to Sumlee’s situation by a locals who had been keeping him safe and confined after the shooting incident a week earlier. It was obvious he was now in a bad way and now needed urgent attention.

After an X-Ray and some other checks at the vets everyone’s worst fears were confirmed... Sumlee has severe nerve damage on his back from the bullet wound and will likely never walk again.

It’s hard to stay calm in the face of such distressing situations, and it makes us so angry that people can treat animals in this way. This lovely dog is now paralysed and incontinent. He continues to behave like a normal 9 month old puppy and is clearly puzzled by his inability to stand or walk. Sumlee now needs an MRI scan to determine the exact location of the bullet so it can be removed. Leaving it in situ can result in lead poisoning. We’d also like to be able to purchase a wheelchair so he can move about more easily.

Update - September 2017

After working alongside K9 Aid to raise the necessary funds for Sumlee's life-saving surgery, the bullet has now been removed from his back and he has recovered well from the operation. We've also has a wheelchair made for Sumlee which he now uses on a daily basis, giving him the freedom to explore the farm and play with the other dogs. You can watch a short video telling Sumlee's story here.

Bon Jardin

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