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Age: 6 Years
Sex: Male
Size: Small
Date arrived: October 2018

My story

Hello, my name's Benji

Hi, my name is Benji. A few months ago I found myself it a strange place, surrounded my strange people, dogs I didn’t recognise and unfamiliar smells. I was really scared because before that I’d been living with people who I loved and thought would look after me.

Turns out I’d been abandoned... my owners decided they couldn’t take care of me anymore so they dumped me in a field and hoped I’d be OK. I wasn’t OK though. The local street dogs attacked me and didn’t want me around :0(

Luckily for me, a kind lady called P Sue saw I was in trouble and called Bon Jardin Dog Rescue who came and picked me up... I was so happy so see a friendly human face and so happy to get out of that scary new place.

I’ve been living at Bon Jardin for 6 months now. There are a of of dogs here too but they’re not scary and don’t attack me - in fact I have lots of new doggie and human friends now so I’m really happy again!

Bon Jardin

Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation

We need your help to give the street dogs of Thailand a better life.