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Age: 10 Years
Sex: Male
Size: Small
Date arrived: February 2017

My Story

Hi, I'm Buddy...

I’m one of the more senior dogs at Bon Jardin, both by age and authority!

I used to live in a very small temple about 40 minutes from here, I was the only dog living there but one day was attacked by a neighbouring pack of dogs. There was a few of them and they left me pretty badly injured. I lost a lot of blood and thought I was going to die.

Lucky for me someone found me a couple of days later and called the Bon Jardin rescue team, who came and picked me up and took me straight to the vet. The doctor treated my wounds and bandaged me up really well, then Mike and the other kind people at Bon Jardin looked after me every day until I’d recovered; changing my wound dressings and keeping me free of any infection.

Because it took me a long time to recover (and because I’m sure a nice dog; hence the name Buddy) the BJ team said I could stay and live on the farm.

I’m very happy here and feel safe and secure. I love lazy days sleeping in the shade and occasionally running/playing with my other doggie friends. Sometimes the younger dogs get carried away and I have to tell them off and keep them in line... but it’s OK, I don’t mind helping out!

Bon Jardin

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