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Goh Goh

Age: 2 Years
Sex: Male
Size: Small
Date arrived: March 2017

My Story

Hello, my name’s Goh Goh

I’m 2 years old and I’ve lived at Bon Jardin Dog Rescue all my life. Well, almost all of it…

At just a couple of weeks old I was dumped, along with my littermates underneath a banana tree on a busy main road. 7 of us were dumped there but by the time Mike and his team from Bon Jardin found us a few weeks later and took us in, only 3 of us had survived.

This isn’t uncommon in Thailand; puppies get dumped all the time and most of them die from car accidents, disease or malnutrition… I guess I was one of the lucky ones.

I love living at Bon Jardin. I’m told I can be a bit bossy with the other dogs, especially my brother Di Di and some of the younger dogs, but I’m just trying to keep everyone in line.

I love play-fighting, running, barking at strangers and taking long naps in the shade when it gets too hot!

Bon Jardin

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