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Age: 6 Years
Sex: Male
Size: Small
Date arrived: June 2013

My story

Hello, my name's Kola

Hi, I’m Kola...

I’m 6 years old now and have a big brother called Pepsi (we don’t get on very well!) I used to have another brother called Taro but sadly he was run over by a car... this happens quite a lot where I live as there are so many dogs living on the streets.

I’ve been living at Bon Jardin for most of my life. Me and my brothers were rescued from a temple when the houses here were being built.

I love living here and feel very safe and happy. I’m grateful because I know for a lot of Thai dogs living on the streets and in the temples, life is hard and very dangerous.

Everyone tells me I’m a big soft teddy bear! I love being stroked and brushed by the staff, and pretty much anyone who comes to visit :0)

Bon Jardin

Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation

We need your help to give the street dogs of Thailand a better life.