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Age: 5 Years
Sex: Female
Size: Small
Date arrived: June 2017

My Story

Hello, my name’s Namtarn

Hi! I'm Namtarm. 2 years ago I was hit by a car on the street and left with very serious leg injuries. A very kind man found me and took me to see the vet, who then sent me to have an operation to save my leg.  I now have some metal pins in my leg but I don’t mind because I can now walk and run as well as I could before :0)

When I first came to live at Bon Jardin I was extremely shy and nervous, I didn’t want anyone to come near me and I didn’t have any friends. I even ran away once and hid in the woods for 2 days because I wanted to be on my own…

Luckily for me the team here are super-patient, kind and gentle so it only took a month or so for me to start feeling confident again. I now have lots of friends here to play with and even have a boyfriend, who’s name is Sumlee. You can always catch us snoozing together under the shade of our favourite tree!

Bon Jardin

Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation

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